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MOGI - The Luxury Italian Coffee



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Step into a world of exceptional coffee with Aldebaran-Aleph, our first blend crafted especially for American-style coffee enthusiasts. This exquisite blend pays homage to one of the four royal stars, revered by ancient Persians, and it promises to take your coffee experience to new celestial heights.

Aldebaran-Aleph is a 100% Arabica blend sourced from the pristine Amaro Mountains of Ethiopia and the majestic mountains of Guatemala. Embrace the uniqueness of this Slow Food presidium, featuring a blend of 50% Guatemala, 20% Ethiopia (Amaro Mountains), and 30% Ethiopia (Wotto na Bultuma). Each cup boasts a symphony of flavors, layered with intricate notes that will captivate you.

Aldebaran-Aleph is more than coffee, it is a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Each bean is certified 100% organic, grown with integrated agriculture that respects our planet and the people who cultivate it. By supporting this project, you become part of a movement that promotes fair trade, inclusivity, and empowerment of women and communities in the villages of Amaro Mountains and Wotto na Bultuma.

Why I am sustainable

Aleph-Aldebaran is a certified 100% organic Ethiopian coffee, grown with integrated agriculture that respects the planet and people: this project promotes fair trade that involves the whole supply chain and aims to raise consumer awareness.
Furthermore, the project of the Las Esquipulas Cooperative, a Slow Food presidium, supports the inclusion and empowerment of women and the communities of the villages of the Amaro Mountains and Wotto na Bultuma.

"Slow food presidium" refers to a concept that aligns with the principles of the Slow Food movement applied specifically to coffee production and consumption. The Slow Food movement originated in Italy and promotes a more mindful and sustainable approach to food and beverages. When applied to coffee, the term "slow food coffee" encompasses the following aspects:

Quality over quantity: Slow food coffee emphasizes the importance of quality over mass production. It encourages the cultivation, processing, and consumption of coffee beans that are grown with care, harvested at optimal ripeness, and processed using traditional and artisanal methods that preserve the intrinsic flavors and characteristics of the beans.

Sustainable and ethical practices: Slow food coffee promotes environmentally sustainable and socially responsible practices throughout the coffee supply chain. This includes prioritizing organic farming methods, fair trade practices, and supporting small-scale farmers who employ sustainable agricultural practices while ensuring fair wages and better working conditions.

Preservation of traditional knowledge and culture: Slow food coffee values the preservation of traditional coffee-growing and processing methods. It recognizes the cultural heritage and craftsmanship involved in producing high-quality coffee and supports the continuation of these practices. By embracing traditional techniques, slow food coffee celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of coffee varieties and flavors.


Coffee in beans. 1 pack of roasted beans 8.8 oz

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  • Arabica 100% courageous and lucky.