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MOGI - The Luxury Italian Coffee



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The lily of the valley grows frequent and spontaneous in the woods of the Alpine foothills, it is said to be omen of serenity and to have the magic power to protect gardens from malicious spirits. According to the legends, fairies love to drink crystal clear water from the chalices of small flowers, far from prying eyes and enraptured by their intense perfume. And it is precisely to the lily of the valley that Giulia Mondolfi, creative soul of Alberta Florence, dedicates the cups designed for MOGI Caffè. The colours baby blue, antique pink and ochre yellow inspire serenity and harmony to the eye, to enjoy a good coffee bringing your mind back to the quiet of nature.

The elegance and kindness of Italian style for breaks with good taste.

25% of the proceeds from the Lily of the Valley cups will be donated to the winning project of the announcement “Building a Future for Women Victims of Violence”, promoted by the Milan Community Foundation.

2 cups set with plates.



Material: printed ceramic.
Size: plate 3,7 in x 5 in; cup H 2,4 in x 2 in (upper edge).

Dishwasher safe.

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