The sun inside: estival recipies for a captivating summer

The sun inside: estival recipies for a captivating summer - MOGI

In just few weeks, every inch of the city will be invaded by the fragrances of Jasmine and Magnolia’s flowers, leading our minds to only one thing: summer is coming!

It’s with this thought in mind that MOGI has created two little cuddles to accompany you through the summer heat.  We’re happy to present the new gourmet drinks to delight your summer breaks: Caramel delight and Almond elixir.


Made with espresso coffee, creamy milk and salted caramel, this drink creates a perfect blend between the coffee intensity and the salted caramel sweetness, creating a bold, but refreshing, flavour explosion.  To be enjoyed cold for a little moment of pleasure and relax.



Coffee and Almond merge together to create a mix of timeless flavours, adaptable to different summery mood thanks to its double recipe, alcoholic or not. The intense taste of coffee is muffled by the lightness of the almond syrup or, for the alcoholic version, by the Adriatico amaretto liquor. To be enjoyed iced: light up your day and get off a good start, or to end it sweetly.


The taste of summer is here, with MOGI and Gianni Cocco!

Ready to be overwhelmed?

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