In 2021 Mogi Caffè became a benefit corporation, formalizing its values and its commitment to gender equality, sustainability, culture and collaboration, within its company statute.


MOGI’s blends are good for the environment and health: organic crops and the supply chain are monitored and controlled; coffees are processed with detoxification.


MOGI passionately creates quality coffee and accessories for a lifestyle that respects people and the environment.


The partners in Latin America and Africa are self-managed cooperatives, managed by the communities that grow and harvest coffee always caring for the environment and social actors, with the aim of supporting the local economy. In Italy, for the recovery of processing waste and warehouse surplus, MOGI collaborates with social cooperatives and non-profit projects, such as La Dispensa Sociale, a circular economy program promoted by the Namasté cooperative.

Not just coffee: MOGI caffè stands out for its Brand Identity thanks to its investments in visual communication to create a refined and elegant iconic packaging collection that has been presented in the main Italian and international design and food magazines.

Support for art, design and literature has also been a trademark of MOGI from the very beginning.

In addition to partners in the production of coffee and accessories, MOGI collaborates for the realization of special projects and capsule collections with people and companies from the world of fashion and design who share the same commitment to sustainability and research. Among others, the Literature Festival (Bergamo), HOP! Editions, SKIN TASTE (Rome), the revolutionary Lunika 360 ° moka coffee maker (selected for the Compasso d'Oro Award) were all supported by the patronage of the company. 

MOGI blends and products are for aware and curious people; for those who feel courageous, dynamic and independent; for those who choose a sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing good taste and elegance.




We believe in women's empowerment and gender equality for a future that is inclusive of women's equal rights, freedom and independence.



We research, develop and create products and initiatives that reflect a refined and elegant lifestyle and that - at the same time - satisfies the needs of our customers for a conscious ethical choice, respectful of the planet and of people.


We train, act and network with similar realities to become a positive reference model for the world of coffee, both national and international. We are committed to a path of virtuous growth, characterized by inclusive meritocracy and to a future educated to culture, beauty and creativity.




Coffee time is not just a ritual but also sharing and participation: from the coffee bean to design to product communication, we deliver the value of coffee and the gestures that accompany it as a gentle push towards cultural change. This is why we promote and participate in projects aimed at local communities, in the places where coffee is grown and where we operate, to generate harmony, happiness and fulfillment of the people involved.


We respect and spread Italian tradition, good taste and design with a contemporary vision.



Impact Assessment 2021