MOGI sponsors the 65th edition of the Bergamo Bookseller's Fair

MOGI sponsors the 65th edition of the Bergamo Bookseller's Fair - MOGI

From April 20th to May 1st, Bergamo comes alive with well-written words: the Bergamo Bookseller's Fair returns, an event of contemporary literature conceived and organized with passion for lovers of reading.


The Bookseller’s Fair is an extraordinary opportunity to celebrate the beauty of books and words. It's an essential appointment for lovers of reading and culture, and we are excited to be part of this wonderful celebration of the written word: MOGI's support for art, design, and literature has always been an integral part of the company's identity, and participating in the Bergamo Bookseller's Fair is a natural way to continue this tradition.
Here are some useful information about the event:

Date and Location: From April 20th to May 1st, 2024, the city’s Sentierone (main central avenue) will be transformed into a labyrinth of pages and editorial proposals where it will be a joy to get lost.
Planners: The Bergamo Bookseller’s Fair is planned by the independent bookstores belonging to Li.Ber - Associazione Librai Bergamaschi - which has a clear objective: to preserve the millennial history of the Bergamo Bookseller’s Fair, the oldest in Italy. For 56 years, the independent booksellers of the city and the province have proudly carried on this legacy, fueled by their passion for their craft, for reading, and for the territory they call home. This journey has deep roots, dating back to the historic bookstores in the heart of the city, which embraced the idea of being custodians of a precious message to share with the community: the freedom to choose and propose, the freedom to challenge dominant trends and demonstrate that collaboration is the key to amplify opportunities and foster collective growth.
Program: Many authors and guests will animate the eleven days of the Fair: readings, talks, and meetings to open minds and satisfy curiosities. The fair boasts over 80 authors who will present their works, along with a wide range of cultural activities suitable for all ages. From meetings with authors to insights into the national publishing landscape, there will be something for everyone.
Premio Strega Tour 2024: This edition of the fair promises to be exceptional! A great novelty this year is the presence of the twelve finalists of the prestigious Premio Strega - Italy's most important literary award - who will present their works in dialogue with exceptional speakers. This event will take place on April 21st in the Auditorium of Piazza LibertĂ .
And what better accompaniment to reading than a delicious coffee? MOGI will offer its fragrant aroma in a real literary lounge, where you can sip an espresso while discussing books, immersing yourself in the pages, and enjoying total relaxation.
We look forward to welcoming you to our booth to share together the pleasure of good reading and good coffee!
The Bergamo Bookseller's Fair is a shining beacon in our community, and we are proud to be part of it!
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