MOGI's women empowering single origin specialty coffees

MOGI's women empowering single origin specialty coffees - MOGI

Lady Blue is a single origin coffee from Guatemala. Here operates the SAMAC Cooperative, which includes the entire Maya Q’etchìs community and is composed by families. These families manage the cultivation and harvest of coffee on the lands owned by the Cooperative.
Women have an active role, both in the Cooperative and in the community: they oversee the management, the roasting process, and they sell coffee on local markets; women are also in charge of the local pre-school and elementary school, the cafeteria and the infirmary.
The Cooperative SAMAC provides a secure and recognized job for which corresponds a fair salary, proportionate to the cost of living. Through their work, women are the primary source of income in their families and carry on the community economy.   


Frida is a single origin coffee from Mexico where the Yachil Nueva Luz Cooperative operates with the help of around 800 workers who are also shareholders. They harvest and process coffee from the Zapatista Community to help and to support them. The Zapatista Communities are very independent communities with their own governance, specifically they make an effort to ensure the childrens’ right to play and a real gender equality.


Meaza is a single origin coffee from Ethiopia. Here operates the Wotto na Bultuma Coop, a small cooperative composed by one hundred families and it is entirely dedicated to cultivate 100% organic fruits and vegetables in the gardens of the local forest. The Cooperative makes sure to answers the needs of the village and manages the local hospital, the pre-school and elementary school, and the transportation to other schools.
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