The Elegant Italian Kindness of J.K. Paris: MOGI meets Riccardo Ortogni, General Manager of J.K. Paris

The Elegant Italian Kindness of J.K. Paris: MOGI meets Riccardo Ortogni, General Manager of J.K. Paris - MOGI

The journey with MOGI into the elegance of hospitality continues, taking us to the enchanting city of Paris, more precisely to the Rive Gauche. Here, we are welcomed into the home of J.K. Paris, the French outpost of the Italian hôtellerie excellence, J.K. Place. Founded by Ori Kafri, his father Jonathan Kafri (J.K.) and their business partner Eduardo Safdie in 2003, J.K. Place has been welcoming guests with care and kindness, Capri, Rome, and now Paris. Unique locations in each destination, meticulously designed interiors, rooms thoughtfully detailed for an exclusive experience, impeccable finishes and premium materials, and utmost dedication to guest relationships – this is the winning recipe of J.K. Accompanying us on this pleasurable stay is Riccardo Ortogni, General Manager of J.K. Paris.

J.K. is synonymous with hospitality, elegance, and refined Italian style. What are the elements that characterize J.K. Paris and what does it convey about Italy to its guests?

Following the intuition of its founders, J.K. Places don't view themselves as hotels but as homes where guests are welcomed, pampered, listened to, and satisfied in all their needs through a relationship of trust. The choice to have a limited number of rooms in J.K.'s homes aligns with the purpose of dedicating themselves to guests, providing care and attention. After Florence, Capri, and Rome, J.K. made its quiet entry into Paris, choosing a special home in an exclusive and strategic location on the Rive Gauche. Here, we have brought the J.K. philosophy and elegance, with its unmistakable Italian essence: spaces designed by Architect Michele Bönan (the creator of all J.K. projects); MOGI guides guests through the art and ritual of coffee, presented in various preparations for those who are not yet "educated" in short espressos; the music in the house takes you back to the '60s-'90s; the Ambra Alamut fragrance by Lorenzo Villoresi envelops the environment. And, essential and unmistakable, is the Italian attitude and hospitality.


What is your experience with J.K. and what is your vision of hospitality?

I was the manager of a resort in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, a very different territory and reality from where I find myself now when the opportunity to go to Paris came knocking. I jumped at the chance: I didn't know the city, but it was an enticing challenge, a dream that I eagerly embraced. The philosophy of J.K.'s hospitality, which I shared and wholeheartedly embraced, is built on kindness. Kindness is a choice we make every day, not just in hospitality; it's a daily attitude that makes a difference in our actions and and relationships. This positive attitude toward colleagues and guests creates a welcoming atmosphere, where Italian, American, Canadian visitors, and many loyal repeaters from all over the world come together.


We flipped through "Bellosguardo," the publication that tells the story of J.K.

The book celebrates 20 years of the J.K. Place Brand, tracing its history from 2003 to the upcoming opening in Milan in 2025 in Via Borgospesso. Over the years, the identity has remained strong and consistent, both aesthetically and philosophically: we still love spending time with our guests, getting to know them, understanding them, and forming relationships with them.


What is the relationship between J.K. Paris and MOGI coffee?

MOGI coffee within J.K. Paris symbolizes Italian culture and the ritualistic gesture.

With MOGI, we share an attitude that leads us to listen with kindness and respect to those around us and to enthusiastically share experiences and traditions. MOGI coffee is deeply appreciated by our customers, who often wish to purchase it to savor the taste and pleasure once they return home. And here's a curiosity: we conducted an experiment by placing a coffee machine in J.K.'s gym, which turned out to be a hit among our guests!

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