Welcome to the universe of the Stars Collection!

Welcome to the universe of the Stars Collection! - MOGI

They are finally here! Starting today, you can indulge in the new blends of the Stars Collection! This exclusive selection of premium coffees has been crafted to bring a uniquely sensory experience directly to your cup, while transporting you on a journey through the stars and the millennia-old legends that surround them.

Stars have always held an irresistible fascination for humanity, inspiring myths, legends, and philosophies that intertwine with our history. Since ancient times, stars have been regarded not only as sources of light in the darkness of night but also as spiritual guides and wellsprings of inspiration. It is from this very inspiration that our Stars Collection is born, paying homage to the wonders of the cosmos and the magic of coffee.

Furthermore, we want to introduce a fascinating note: coffee roasting influenced by lunar phases. According to ancient beliefs, the moon guides the magical dance of roasting, imparting to coffee beans a unique and enveloping note, a connection with cosmic forces. Each lunar phase, from waxing to full moon and beyond, carries a different energy reflected in the roasting process, giving the coffee a distinctive and unforgettable character.

From the remote Amaro mountains of Ethiopia to the majestic peaks of Guatemala, Aldebaran is a 100% Arabica blend that captures the essence of distant lands. This coffee offers a sensory journey through notes of honey, fig, and pineapple, enveloping the palate with elegant complexity. But there's more behind every sip: Aldebaran is also a philosophy that celebrates the art of roasting influenced by lunar phases, connecting coffee to cosmic forces.

Hailing from India, Colombia, and Guatemala, Sirius is a blend that combines geographical and cultural diversity into a harmonious symphony of flavors. Its notes of chocolate, red apple, and cherries evoke memories of sweet moments, while roasting influenced by lunar phases adds a unique and enveloping note, a connection with cosmic forces.

From the forests of India, Mexico, and Colombia, Polaris embodies the richness and diversity of nature. With notes of bread, chocolate, and roasted almonds, this coffee offers a sensory experience that evokes the mystery of stars in the night sky. But there's more behind every cup: Polaris is also an invitation to reflect on the past, contemplate the present, and embrace the future with confidence.


But there's more! The Stars Collection is sustainable! The blends stem from integrated agriculture and are part of the "Café y Caffè" project aimed at improving the conditions of coffee producers in mountain rural communities, promoting sustainability, and environmental respect. This project is funded by Italian cooperation and carried out in collaboration with NGOs ACRA in Honduras and CEFA in Guatemala. It involves the main national coffee institutes in the three countries, promoting agroecological practices and respecting human rights. The goal is to improve the livelihoods of producers by reducing their socio-economic and cultural vulnerability, enhancing coffee quality, and promoting high-quality domestic consumption. This strategy reflects an integrated approach to ensure the long-term sustainability of coffee cultivation.
With the Stars Collection, we invite you to explore not only the extraordinary tastes and aromas of these exceptional coffees but also to immerse yourself in the millennia-old legends surrounding the stars and coffee roasting under the moonlight. It's a journey that will not only lead you to discover new flavors but also to connect with the universe and yourself in an entirely new way.

Discover the magic of the Stars Collection and let yourself be carried away on a timeless adventure through the world of coffee and stars.

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