About MOGI

MOGI Caffè started with an idea by Monica Forcella in 2007. Fresh from her studies in agronomics, she decided, together with her brother Gianluigi, to start a coffee roasting company that not only took pains to create unique blends with an unmistakable flavour, presented in iconic packaging, but also made people dream, trying to reach “that beauty which is also good”.


It was in this way that the iconic “Blue” was born: a blend of fine coffees from Central and South America and Africa, boasting one-of-a-kind organoleptic properties. But our task doesn’t stop there: the coffee we buy is often produced according to Slow food procedures, which means it falls under supply chain projects which favour biodiversity and farming practices that are biodynamic, fair and that foster local economies.

Over the years, our range of blends and single-origin coffees has expanded to include “Quintessenza”, a selection of Arabica coffee so exquisite it deserved its own one-off cherry blossom packaging specially designed. And all of this is not to mention our organic blends.


In expanding our range of products, we have always given equal importance to artistic and cultural elements, because the latter is reflected by the former. This is why we support literature prizes and independent publishing houses, projects related to art, exhibitions, site-specific artworks, and Foundations.
All of these have an entirely female approach. We are also seeking to collaborate with TEDxWomen to promote female excellence, and have launched onto the market the exquisite, all-female produced “Lady Blue” coffee. From the harvest to the cup, the workforce in this one-of-a-kind project is 100% female; women united by an unbroken thread that connects Central America and Italy. Over the past decade, MOGI Caffè has specialized in the luxury, high-end market, working with the big names in fashion, yachting, motoring, design and hospitality, and has been chosen by Michelin star chefs both in Italy and abroad.

Beyond coffee

This is why MOGI is always looking for that "je ne sais quoi", which is what really makes the difference when dealing with important clients. It is not uncommon - in fact it is part of the secret MOGI recipe - to blend the top-of-the-range with something that is wholly unsophisticated and basic, with the clear aim of magically transforming it into a Italian luxurious, authentic and creative potion that makes each product unique.