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MOGI - The Luxury Italian Coffee



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It is our lucky star and the brightest in the Taurus constellation. Known since the time of Babylon, it has been associated with wealth.

Step into a world of exceptional coffee with Aldebaran, our first blend crafted especially for American-style coffee enthusiasts. This exquisite blend pays homage to one of the four royal stars, revered by ancient Persians, and it promises to take your coffee experience to new celestial heights.

Coming from the pristine Amaro mountains of Ethiopia and the majestic peaks of Guatemala, Aldebaran is a 100% arabica blend that captures the essence of remote and rugged lands. Like a constellation of aromas and flavors, this coffee unfolds as a sensory journey through sweet notes of honey and fig, combined with the elegant freshness of pineapple. The palate is enveloped in a soft and elegant complexity, with a lingering aftertaste that dances between chocolate, cane sugar, and a symphony of dried fruits. This sensory experience is elevated with a subtle but essential embrace – a delicate hint of citrus that completes the gustatory symphony.

Aldebaran belongs to the "Stars Collection" and is more than just coffee; it is a fragment of the sky in a cup; it is a philosophy that celebrates the art of roasting influenced by lunar phases. According to ancient beliefs, the moon guides the magical dance of roasting, bestowing upon Aldebaran and its companions a unique and enveloping note, a connection with cosmic forces.

Every sip of Aldebaran is a journey into the infinite, where coffee merges with the stars in the mystery of an endless night. Your cup becomes a celebration of the connection between man and the universe through the magic of coffee. Enter the orbit of Aldebaran and discover the coffee that illuminates your palate like a star in the dark universe of aromatic beverages.

Why I am sustainable

This precious blend is the result of integrated agriculture and is part of an ambitious project, "Cafè y Caffè," aiming to improve the lives of coffee producers in rural mountain communities. The commitment is rooted in sustainability philosophy, respect for the land, and the promotion of agroecological practices.
The regional project "Regional Network to Support Small Coffee Associations - Café y Caffè" represents a sustainable initiative funded by Italian cooperation and implemented in collaboration with the NGOs ACRA in Honduras and CEFA in Guatemala. Africa 70, in addition to being the consortium leader, plays a key role as a focal point for activities in El Salvador. Involving the main national coffee institutes in the three countries, the project aims to support the entire coffee supply chain, promoting agroecological practices and respecting human rights, especially those of women and children. The overall goal is to improve the livelihoods of coffee producers in rural mountain communities, reducing their socio-economic and cultural vulnerability and strengthening the sustainability of cultivation.

Among the activities carried out in El Salvador, Africa 70 stabilizes the coffee production chain, enhancing the capacity of small producers and improving the quality of the coffee produced. The establishment of a territorial quality control laboratory will contribute to raising quality standards, managed by the Consejo Salvadoreño del Café. Additionally, the project promotes a national communication campaign to increase domestic consumption of high-quality coffee, contributing to the consolidation of a culture of quality coffee in the country.

This strategy, focused on community social development and the empowerment of women producers, reflects an integrated approach to ensure the long-term sustainability of coffee cultivation.


Coffee in beans. 1 pack of roasted beans 8.8 oz

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  • 100% arabica, courageous and lucky.