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MOGI - The Luxury Italian Coffee



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Lady Blue is a single origin specialty coffee that stands out with its proud roots in the Q’eqchì community, a women-only social cooperative in Samac, Guatemala. Cultivated by independent and resilient women, this coffee showcases the deep bond between humans and Mother Nature. 

Roasted to perfection, the coffee retains its inherent flavors without being overpowered by the roastiness.

Lady Blue is highly versatile, making it a great choice for various brewing methods, whether you desire a delicious pot of coffee, a crema-rich espresso, or a memorable French Press experience. 

Why I am sustainable

230 Maya Q'etchìs families, 90 tons of coffee every year, 2 cooperatives, more than 400 members: these are some of the numbers that make up the strength of Lady Blue, part of the Cafè y Caffè cooperation project. The MOGI female single-origin par excellence is born in Guatemala, cultivated and harvested by the Samac (Coban) and Esquipulas (La Libertad) cooperatives on their own lands.
Women have an active role, both in the Cooperative and in the community: in La Libertad the presidency of the Cooperative is entrusted to Ileana Martinez and the majority of the executive board is made up of women; in Coban the young graduates in Agronomic Sciences are part of the technical staff, the graduates in Humanities or Nursing manage the essential services for the community, such as the pre-school, the elementary school, the cafeteria and the infirmary.
The Cooperatives also promote scholarships for education and sports and offer free medical services in the villages.

The SAMAC Cooperative provides a secure and recognized job. All workers enjoy regular contractual rights and they are recognized a fair salary, proportionate to the cost of living in Guatemala.
With their work, women are the primary source of income in their families and carry on the community economy.


Drip coffee. 1 pack of ground drip coffee 8.8 oz.

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  • Proudly feminine and resilient blend. Full-bodied and round aroma.