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MOGI - The Luxury Italian Coffee

Picture "Coffee"

Picture "Coffee"

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The stark white backdrop of the cardboard picture evokes a sense of purity and minimalism, effortlessly drawing attention to the meticulously printed definition. The choice of utilizing cardboard as the canvas for this intellectual masterpiece not only adds a distinct tactile charm but also conveys a profound message of repurposing and embracing the beauty of recycled materials.

At its core, this picture invites you into a world where the definition of "coffee" takes on a delightful twist of irony. 

Why I am sustainable

The FSC certification guarantees its composition of 100% recycled materials. By utilizing recycled resources, it maximizes the utilization of valuable forest reserves and alleviates the need for excessive tree harvesting.

When you choose to purchase products with the FSC label, you actively contribute to the thriving of forests and the well-being of the people dependent on them. This support includes:

Ensuring zero deforestation: responsibly harvesting trees to maintain a balance in forest coverage over time. The preservation of invaluable forests, such as old-growth forests, is prioritized. These efforts are essential in combating climate change by reversing deforestation and safeguarding irreplaceable forest areas.

Promoting fair wages and a conducive work environment: all workers receive adequate training, adhere to proper safety protocols, and are provided with fair compensation.

Encouraging the shift from preservation to conservation.

Respecting community rights: local communities residing in and around forested regions are consulted, and their legal and cultural rights pertaining to land and forest resources are acknowledged and upheld.


The picture can be hung on the wall thanks to a small hole on the back, or it can simply be placed on a flat surface.

Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm x 3cm

Material: White cardboard certified FSC

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