MOGI arrives in Hamburg with foodlab!

MOGI arrives in Hamburg with foodlab! - MOGI

We are thrilled to unfold a new spin-off in MOGI’s story: with excitement and anticipation we proudly announce our debut in the heart of Hamburg through a remarkable 3 years partnership with the avant-garde hub of gastronomy innovation, foodlab. 

A Blooming Collaboration of Values

This partnership is not merely a meeting of brands; it's a fusion of passions, a celebration of women empowerment, and a commitment to reshaping the landscape of the culinary world.

Nestled in the heart of Hamburg, on the shores of the Elbe river, foodlab is not just a coworking space; it's a sanctuary of trust, transparency, appreciation, and creation, just like the clear waters on which it overlooks; it's a canvas for culinary creatives to paint their masterpieces.

Founded by the visionary Christin, foodlab is a testament to a harmonious blend of passion, togetherness, and an unwavering commitment to the culinary arts. Both MOGI Caffè and foodlab stand proudly as women-led enterprises, weaving together the threads of empowerment, sustainability, and inclusivity. Monica Forcella and Christin, share a passion for fostering creativity, supporting local communities, and shaping a future where women's rights and independence are celebrated.

MOGI Caffè is honored to be part of this ecosystem that not only values innovation but actively nurtures it. foodlab's commitment to being a platform for the exchange of experiences and mutual support aligns seamlessly with our mission to create a positive impact in the places where coffee is grown and where we operate.


Together, we celebrate the union of two extraordinary worlds, where the aroma of MOGI's exquisite blends meets the creative energy of foodlab.


As we embark on this transformative journey, MOGI Caffè and foodlab invite you to join us in raising a cup to women empowerment, creativity, and the boundless possibilities that collaboration brings. Join us in this culinary symphony, where every sip tells a story, and every collaboration is a testament to the beauty of shared visions.

Cheers to a new chapter filled with flavor, innovation, and the art of brewing dreams!

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