MOGI caffè in Budapest at Culinaris and Felix: the good taste in Budapest

MOGI caffè in Budapest at Culinaris and Felix: the good taste in Budapest - MOGI

A fascinating and bohemian city, rich in culture, history and life: Budapestsurprises with its different souls, which move around the placid Danube. We know two excellences of the city, who have chosen MOGI caffè to talk about and savor good taste. These are Culinaris, a delicatessen shop and bistro, and Felix, a sophisticated restaurant that combines cuisine and contemporary art. We are accompanied on this journey by Peter Farkas and Tamás Czinki, respectively manager of Culinaris and Wine Master of Felix.


Culinaris has a very specific intent: to offer genuine ingredients that nourish the senses and the soul. How was this concept born and how did it develop?

"Culinaris is a company operating in the gourmet food market and delicatessen, specializing in both global and local products. For 20 years, our name has represented exceptional quality and a unique range of products. Our market presence plays a crucial role in Hungary, where we import food specialties from several continents. With our exclusive products and unique atmosphere, we provide an outstanding experience for our customers, which can only be found in our stores. Shopping at Culinaris stores is a joy, discovery, and source of delight."


What is your approach to product selection and what lessons from your background, also as a sommelier, are most valuable in the Culinaris experience?We examine many aspects during a listing process, but the most important is whether the selected brand's spirit aligns with the Culinaris experience we offer. Naturally, we always prioritize high-quality products, but the brand's history also matters greatly. Whether it's a family business or a realized dream. That's how we discovered Mogi, which became one of the favorite coffees in our stores. Before joining Culinaris, it's no secret that I was indeed working as a sommelier. But it was only here that I truly realized how much of an advantage I could leverage from that. Our extensive range of hundreds of products requires our procurement team to have a broad gastronomic insight. It was nothing short of a 'cheat code' that often helped confidently find the brand that fits the picture.


What are the most popular products and which ones intrigue you the most?"We have our own bakery, and it's no secret that these products are favorites among all our customers. The recipe is the result of years of research, using the finest ingredients. In addition, we can choose from hundreds of brands in the store, but perhaps the most outstanding and closest to my heart is our selection of beverages. Wines, spirits, from all corners of the world... Resistance is futile!"


FELIX Kitchen&Bar has an explicit philosophy, which intersects tradition and modernity in its offer, intertwining the high quality of ingredients with contemporary art. How does this translate into the choice of menu ingredients and the experience offered to customers?
Felix offers an extensive food or wine choice daily. Our menu is international with highlights from Hungary, Spain, and France. We won't overcomplicate dishes but rather highlight the high-quality ingredients that it's made from. Felix is a destination not only about the food but service, wine, environment, the people you are dining with, etc… One of our most popular dining choices is „family style” when we bring several dishes to the table to share and they do not have to take time to choose only one dish, they can taste everything and in the meantime, they can focus for their company.


You are the first Hungarian Master Sommelier and your role as Wine Director at FELIX and consultant for Culinaris Wholesale follows a long experience as Head Sommelier in the UK, where you were named among the Best Sommeliers in 2018: what are the coordinates that guide you in your choices for FELIX and Culinaris?
I worked in the UK in the past from 2013 to 2020 and I was a runner-up for the Best Sommelier of the UK in 2018. Always loved to compete because I learned a lot and met like-minded people with whom I was able to share knowledge and experience. After I passed my Master Sommelier exam I returned to Hungary and started to work at Felix and Culinaris. In both businesses our main focus is the customers so our portfolio consists of wines and styles that we can accommodate a request from a classic wine drinker however we wouldn’t disappoint people who would love to try something new off the beaten track.

A special setting, a spectacular view, events, and a menu with attention to the smallest details: who is the customer who chooses FELIX?Our customers are very diverse. We can accommodate a table of 2 people for a coffee but at the same time, we can do events for 500 people. There are many local regulars and tourists visiting Hungary for the first time. Our restaurant is the place where you can enjoy the experience and be relaxed and we have all the tools to tailor your dining experience to your needs.


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